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Drinking Bottle 75 ml

Drinking Bottle 75 ml
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Drinking Bottle 75 ml

  • quality craftsmanship
  • keeps water free from bedding
  • can be fixed to a wire cage
  • with double ball valve
  • 75 ml water capacity
2,95 EUR
Product Code 14115
EAN 5021689019003
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Water bottle for constant access to clean water

Using this drinking bottle you can ensure that your pet has constant access to clean water – the lightweight double ball valve can be operated even by the smallest mouse, and yet it reliably prevents the bottle dripping. By the way, this bottle can either be affixed to a metal cage top using the included wire or be used as a replacement bottle in any of our Rodipet® bottle stands.

While water bowls may be soiled by bedding and other things, the water inside drinking bottles cannot be contaminated in that way; and if the water inside the bottle gets changed daily and the bottle thoroughly cleaned on a weekly basis you can be sure that your pet always has access to clean water. For best possible hygiene, we recommend changing plastic drinking bottles like this one roughly every three months since fully cleaning the inside of the drinking spout is practically impossible.

Measurements and details

Volume capacity: 75 ml
Diameter: 40 mm (ca. 1.6 in)
Height (without spout): 82 mm (ca. 3.2 in)
Spout length: 58 mm (ca. 2.3 in)
Spout diameter: 8 mm (ca. 0.3 in)

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Rodipet® recommends this product

all small pet rodents, e. g. dwarf hamsters, Syrian hamsters, gerbils, fancy mice, steppe lemmings and many others

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