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Rodipet® Sisalseil

Rodipet® Sisalseil

Rodipet® Sisalseil

  • reine Naturfaser
  • zur Gestaltung von Kletterlandschaften
  • sehr stabil
  • natürlicher Spielspaß
1,45 EUR
content: 1m (m = 1,45 EUR)

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Nicht nur für "Cowmäus", das Lasso zum Klettern

Our Rodipet® Sisal Rope is made from natural fibres only. It is rarely ever chewed by pets, but even if ingested it is perfectly harmless. Moreover, it fits right in with a natural themed cage setup that features plenty of entertainment for your pet. Depending on cage size and the number and species of its inhabitants there are various ways of fixing the rope in the cage. Fancy mice, Chinese hamsters and several other species of mice are expert climbers who love climbing ropes, whether they are placed vertically or horizontally. Many mice even take naps on ropes if they find a convenient knot – they seem to enjoy the overview over their surrounding which they have in such a place.

For less talented climbers like Syrian or dwarf hamsters or steppe lemmings climbing a rope is far less interesting or enjoyable, but they, too, love working to get pieces of vegetables off the rope.

Measurements and details

Thickness: 6 mm (ca. 0.2 in)
Length: 1 m (ca. 40 in)

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Rodipet® recommends this product for

especially for rodents who love climbing, e.g. Chinese hamsters, dwarf mice and fancy mice