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BiMSi® Chinchilla Dust: Balm Herbal Bath – 1 Litre

BiMSi® Chinchilla Dust: Balm Herbal Bath – 1 Litre
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BiMSi® Chinchilla Dust: Balm Herbal Bath – 1 Litre

  • with ground balm leaves
  • for glossy coat and healthy skin
  • sensual experience
  • for daily dust baths
  • simply irresistible
6,95 EUR
content: 1L (L = 6,95 EUR)

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Nourishing aroma bath for pet rodents suffering with skin conditions

Whether for personal care or to relax, our rodent friends enjoy taking an occasional bath in fine sand. Generally, “normal” chinchilla dust is perfectly sufficient for that purpose, but when a pet is stressed or even sick, a little herbal goodness mixed in with the bathing sand can go a long way towards making the pet feel better – herbs may even aid recovery.

For our BiMSi® Chinchilla Dust: Balm Herbal Bath we have mixed finely ground balm leaves in with the bathing sand. Their natural components nourish skin and coat and may even help the pet relax.

With valuable balm
In herbalism, balm is employed to soothe skin conditions. It is also an ingredient often used in relaxing baths. Our four legged friends appreciate this helpful herb, too, and it may help them prevent skin conditions.

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Rodipet® recommends this product for

all pet rodents who use dust baths for grooming, e. g. dwarf hamsters, gerbils, Syrian hamsters, steppe lemmings, degus, fancy mice, chinchillas and many others

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