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Rodipet® 120 x 50 cm Hemp Mat for LaOla® Nagarium

Rodipet® 120 x 50 cm Hemp Mat for LaOla® Nagarium
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Rodipet® 120 x 50 cm Hemp Mat for LaOla® Nagarium

  • made from pure hemp fibres
  • made to fit the LaOla® Nagarium 120x50 cm
  • protects the cage floor
  • a
  • adds to a cosy atmosphere
  • no risk of snares
16,95 EUR
Content: 0.6m2 (m2 = 28,25 EUR)

Product Code R03616
EAN 4260452723520
incl. 5% VAT
plus shipping costs
delivery time 3-5 working days delivery time 3-5 working days

Cage protector for easy cleaning of the LaOla® nagarium

This cage carpet is made from untreated hemp fibres and is sized to fit the LaOla® nagarium. It will also fit into any other cage with with 120 x 50 cm (ca. 47.2 x 19.7 in) inside measurements. Thanks to 2 x 2 cm (ca. 0.8 x 0.8 in) cut-outs at the corners the sides can simply be flipped up, so not only the cage bottom but also the corners will be well protected. Using a hemp mat to protect the cage floor is particularly advisable when using any type of soil or sand based bedding or substrate, to prevent the cage floor getting scratched. A scratched floor is much harder to clean thoroughly and may also reduce the life span of the cage, making a hemp mat an invaluable accessory.

Hemp mats can also be used with other types of bedding, protecting the nagarium’s floor and making cleaning quicker and easier. Moreover, they insulate the bottom of the cage, adding to a pleasant, cosy atmosphere inside your pet’s home.

We have made sure, of course, that our hemp mats are entirely safe for your pet. The natural hemp fibres are untreated and safe to chew. Moreover, the individual fibres are so short that there is no danger of them forming snares or getting wound about your pet’s feet.

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