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Pack of 2 Rodistax® Connection Posts 50 cm

Pack of 2 Rodistax® Connection Posts 50 cm
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Pack of 2 Rodistax® Connection Posts 50 cm

  • made from beech wood
  • reliable connections system
  • extra-sturdy design
  • with Rodistax® guide groove
  • to create a safe and exciting run and play area
  • package contains 2 posts
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Expansion posts for Rodistax® Indoor Run

The Rodistax® indoor run allows you to fence in a safe area for your pet to run around and satisfy his need to move. To extend the run, you only need a few extra connection posts and side panels.

This set contains two of the sturdy connection posts made from solid birch wood.

Measurements and details

Measurements: 50 x 3 x 3 cm (ca. 20 x 1.2 x 1.2 in) Material: beech wood Package contents: 2 connection posts

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Rodipet® recommends this product for

all small pets, such as Syrian hamsters, degus, gerbils, dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, spiny mice, fat-tailed gerbils, dwarf hamsters and many others