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ø 31 cm Rodipet® Super Silent Cork Exercise Wheel

ø 31 cm Rodipet® Super Silent Cork Exercise Wheel
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ø 31 cm Rodipet® Super Silent Cork Exercise Wheel

  • made in Germany
  • comfortable cork running track
  • made from beech and birch woods
  • variable height
  • with dual ball bearings
  • resists gnawing
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Exercise wheel for Syrian hamsters, gerbils and degus

The Super Silent Cork Exercise Wheel is a Rodipet® product designed with your pet’s safety in mind:
- The internal diameter of 31 cm (ca. 12.2 in) allows even the largest Syrian hamster a back-friendly running experience.
- The running track is a continuous sheet of cork. On it, your pet finds a firm foothold without dangerous cracks or stumbling blocks.
- The non-tipping stand gives this exercise wheel a firm stand without requiring a wheel suspension at the front – thus, there is no risk of injury from that quarter. For safe running over high bedding, you can place the stand on the cage floor and adjust the wheel to the desired height before adding the bedding.

And the wheel has advantages for its human user as well:
- The cork’s water-resistant properties make the running track easy to clean.
- Particularly the beech wood running drum resists your pet’s gnawing teeth very well. The other wooden parts are made from birch wood, which is also very durable. Both these types of wood are absolutely safe for rodents – so even if your pet manages to chew into this exercise wheel there will be no danger.Please be warned that degus often manage to chew even this tough wood eventually and we cannot be held liable for any damage caused to the wheel by degus.
- The ball bearings are replaceable, so if they reach the end of their life span you do not have to replace the entire hamster wheel.
- This wheel is not usually louder than an ordinary computer’s fans.

Please note that the Evolution running wheel is made from untreated wood and will therefore not remain perfectly round. This is intentional, as it leads to your pet’s paws moving in a more natural fashion.

Measurements and details

Width: 32.5 cm (ca. 12.8 in)
Breadth: 14 cm (ca. 5.5 in)
Height: 35.5 - 49.5 cm (ca. 14 - 19.5 in)
Running track width: 8.2 cm (ca. 3.2 in)

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Rodipet® recommends this product for

pets with a body length of 12 – 18 cm (ca. 4.7 – 7.1 in), e. g. large Syrian hamsters, gerbils and many others.