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Rodipet® Ceramic Rodent Rock – size S

Rodipet® Ceramic Rodent Rock – size S
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Rodipet® Ceramic Rodent Rock – size S

  • natural nail care on the rock’s surface
  • made from quality clay
  • popular lookout post
  • easy to clean, thus hygienic
  • ca. 21 x 14 cm (ca. 8.3 x 5.5 in), ca. 9 cm (ca. 3.6 in) high
  • entrance Ř ca. 6 cm (ca. 2.4 in)
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Hamster house made of clay – also suitable for other small rodents

This Rodipet® hideout for pet rodents has an entrance dwarf hamsters can comfortably use even with pouches stuffed to the brim. The slight indentation hints at a division of the interior and creates a homelike atmosphere inside. Particularly the back of the hideaway suggests itself as a good spot for nest building.

The Rodent Rock’s surface is durable fired clay. Placed in the hamster habitat it quickly becomes a favourite lookout post as well as a site for exploration and rock climbing. Moreover, while your pet is climbing over this rock, the clay will gently wear down its nails. You may still need to trim them occasionally, as the nails of pet rodents are rarely worn down as much as their wild cousins’ nails are, but it will need doing less often.

And it is not only nail care the Rodent Rock’s material helps with: especially on warm days, the clay provides a pleasantly cool place to rest. If necessary, you can even amplify the cooling effect by spraying a little water on the rock’s surface, which will chill the clay as it evaporates. Mind you don’t spray your rodent though, most of them don’t like that at all!

Last but not least, this hamster accessory is incredibly easy to clean: the material is both dishwasher safe and can easily withstand an extended soak in hot soapy water.

Measurements and details

Base measurements: ca. 21 x 14 cm (ca. 8.3 x 5.5 cm)
Height:ca. 9 cm (ca. 3.6 in)
Entrance: Ř ca. 6 cm (ca. 2.4 in)
Material: ceramic

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Rodipet® recommends this product for

all small rodents, e. g. dwarf hamsters, fancy mice, Steppe lemmings and many others.

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