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Rodipet® +GRANiT DRiNK Set

Rodipet® +GRANiT DRiNK Set
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Rodipet® +GRANiT DRiNK Set

  • sturdy bottle holder
  • water bottle included
  • ceramic bowl included
  • bottle holder can be turned to face any direction
  • made from birch wood and granite
19,95 EUR
product code G5226
EAN 4260452722264
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Hamster water bottle and feeding station, also for other small pets

This handy set of food bowl and water bottle holder is perfect for offering your pet rodent the choice of drinking either from a water bottle or a water bowl. Alternatively, you can of course use the bowl to supply fresh food. While your pet is drinking or snacking, the rough surface of the granite base of the holder will gently shorten his nails.

Since the bottle holder can be turned in any direction you can adjust the water station to achieve the perfect fit for your pet’s cage.

In the unlikely event of the water bottle dripping, the first drops will fall on the granite, so you have more time to deal with the problem before large amounts of bedding get soaked. To ensure adequate hygiene, the little food or water bowl is dishwasher safe and the bottle holder can easily be removed from the base for cleaning.

At Rodipet®, we make SAFETY a top priority: In this particular case, both bottle holder and bowl are placed in a stable granite base. The granite’s weight is enough to prevent your pet tipping over the feeding station even if he leans against it or bounces against it in a burst of sudden playfulness.

Measurements and details

Base measurements: 16 x 22 cm (ca. 6.3 x 8.7 in)
Height: 22 cm (ca. 8.7 in)

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Rodipet® recommends this product for

dwarf hamsters, steppe lemmings, fancy mice, gerbils and many others

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