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Rodipet® Hamster House Maze DaVinci 31 x 28 cm, Ø 6cm

Rodipet® Hamster House Maze DaVinci 31 x 28 cm, Ø 6cm
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Rodipet® Hamster House Maze DaVinci 31 x 28 cm, Ø 6cm

  • multi room system made from birch wood
  • removable roof for disturbance-free checking of the nest
  • quality craftsmanship
  • roof can be used as second level
  • 31 x 28 cm (ca. 12.2 x 11 in)
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8 room hamster mansion for Russian dwarves and other small rodents

Multi-room house made from untreated birch plywood: Our Rodipet® house maze DaVinci. The size of the house and its entrance holes (ca. 6 cm / 2.4 inches) have been chosen especially for Russian dwarf hamsters and pets of similar size like Campbell's dwarf hamsters, mice and lemmings.

Rodipet® Das Video zum Produkt:

In his Rodipet® house maze, Russian dwarf hamster Willy has enough rooms to feel perfectly comfortable: A cozy nest chamber, a main hallway, a sizeable store room, a bath room and even a separate hallway below the rooftop entrance.

Feeling threatened causes a flight reaction in hamsters. If he notices "danger" while on the roof, Willy can do what comes naturally to him and just slip away through the rooftop entrance.

Why is the roof removable?

Dwarf hamsters and most other small pet rodents tend to store food in their houses. A removable roof allows the human to check and remove any fresh foods that may go bad in storage (e. g. fruit and veg) without destroying the nest. Moreover, if there are babies about they can be checked on without too much disturbance.

Rodipet® brand quality

All of our wooden products are made with a lot of love for animals. This implies precision craftsmanship and careful finishing. Splinters and traces of glue on the surface are removed. Nails, staples and other potentially hazardous aids are not used in Rodipet® products at all. To make sure that sensitive little noses and paws are perfectly safe with Rodipet® wooden items we check each and every single item before it leaves our workshop.

Why are there so many rooms?

Our Rodipet® house mazes are made with our pets' natural behaviours in mind.

In their subterranean burrows, our pets' wild cousins usually create separate chambers for food storage, sleeping, bathing etc. Also, they tend to have more than one chamber for their food stashes - that way, if one stash is discovered and stolen by another animal, the remaining stashes will keep the robbed animal from starving. A Rodipet® maze house allows your pet to follow these instincts and have peace of mind.

Space saver

This house permits your pet to live out their natural behaviours in the smallest possible space. Your pet will assign purposes to the eight rooms according to their own individual preferences to give the house a pleasantly home-like feel. Individual rooms with separate bedroom and larder also make things easier for yourself: Thanks to the removable roof, you can just look in and for instance remove anything that may go off from your pet's stores. As the nest will most likely be in a different room, you will not need to disturb it at all. Thus, you can keep the house clean and hygienic with minimal disturbance to your pet.

Eyes in the sky?

Rodents are prey animals and thus have a strong flight reaction. In the wild, birds of prey pose a serious threat from above. Therefore, the moment they notice something quick moving above (even if it only one of their familiar humans), their first instinct will always be to scramble for the safety of their burrows. We kept this in mind when designing the Rodipet® maze houses: Through a hole in the roof your pet can disappear into the safety of their home in a twinkling without the need of detours.

Room for a corner toilet

Most rodents "do their business" in corners, particularly within their favourite hideout. While finding ones pet has "messed" inside their house may be annoying, this trait can also come in very handy when it comes to cleaning the cage and improving hygiene: Simply fill a corner toilet with a little sand and place it in one room of the house. Most animals will instinctively use this as their bathroom and leave the rest of their home clean.

With this house, you can place the Rodipet® Ceramic Corner Toilet COMFORT – Size S in four out of eight rooms.

Why are the entrances 6 cm wide?

A fully grown Russian dwarf hamster with full pouches can be up to 6 cm wide. If the entrances to the house are too narrow, the hamster has to squeeze in. This can cause the tips of grains to scratch or pierce the mucosa inside the pouches, which can lead to pouch abcesses. If a hamster finds the entrances too large, he or she will partly close them up with soft bedding or hay to make the inside really cosy.

If there is a pair or a small group of Campbell's dwarf hamsters or mice living in this house, the entrances are wide enough for them to slip past each other without arguing about who can go first.

Quality craftsmanship

Prime materials and loving, careful workmanship make the Rodipet® maze houses high class home for dwarf hamsters and other small rodents. We use quality birch plywood for this house. The wood being layered in the way it is ensures that a little moisture or even temperature fluctuations will not warp the wood. This is of particular importance with the roof. What's more, birch wood is very breathable, making for a healthy living environment, and being a soft wood it is particularly wholesome for rodents.

With a rooftop surface of just over 31 x 28 cm (ca. 12.2 x 11 in), this Rodipet® house maze offers plenty of room for a sand bath and water bowl or bottle. Placing them there helps prevent bedding getting into water and sand. A rooftop entrance allows your pet to access these features straight from the house. Like all the doorways in this Rodipet® house maze, it is 6 cm (ca. 2.4 inches) wide.

Measurements and details

Entrance: Ø 6 cm (ca. 2.4 in)
Base measurements: 31 x 28 cm (ca. 12.2 x 11 in)
Height: 10 cm (ca. 3.9 in)

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Russian / winter white dwarf hamsters, Campbell’s dwarf hamsters, fancy mice, Steppe lemmings, and many others

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