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Rodipet® Hamster House Maze DaVinci 31x20 cm, Ř 5cm +terracotta

Rodipet® Hamster House Maze DaVinci 31x20 cm, Ř 5cm +terracotta
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Rodipet® Hamster House Maze DaVinci 31x20 cm, Ř 5cm +terracotta

  • terracotta bowl included
  • multi room system made from birch wood
  • removable roof for disturbance-free checking of the nest
  • quality craftsmanship
  • 31 x 20 cm (ca. 12.2 x 7.9 in)
26,95 EUR
product code 18012
EAN 4260452722127
incl. 19% VAT
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6 room hamster mansion for Roborovski dwarves and other small rodents

This wooden hamster hideout has been developed especially for Roborovski dwarf hamsters. The doors, only 5 cm (just under 2 inches) in diameter, are too small for larger dwarf hamsters with full pouches, but tiny Roborovskis can slip through comfortably. Since there are two doors, your pet can feel entirely safe and secure, knowing there is always an escape route open to him. Inside, there are three large and three small rooms, so Hammy can furnish store rooms and bedrooms according to his wishes.

Three of the rooms are large enough to fit the 11 cm version of the Rodipet® Comfort Ceramic Corner Toilet, so you can easily clean your pet’s bathroom. The house’s removable roof also lets you check the store room for any perishable foods and remove them as needed without disturbing your hamster.

There is a terracotta bowl integrated in the roof, which can be used to supply food or water. When empty (or containing food) this material gently wears down your hamster’s nails as he runs over it. Especially in warm weather, Hammy will thank you for filling the bowl with water: the porous material soaks up some of it and pleasantly chills the interior through evaporation. As we use high quality, non-warp birch plywood for our hamster houses, you can be sure that this will cause no damage. This breathable wood keeps its shape well and prevents waterlogging.

Safe and enjoyable living: All glues used are perfectly safe for rodents. Any types of wood used are resin free and safe to gnaw. We use no nails, screws or staples, minimising the risk of injuries.

Measurements and details

Entrance: Ř 5 cm (ca. 2 in)
Base measurements: 31x20 cm (ca. 12.2 x 7.9 in)
Height: 9 cm (ca. 3.5 in)

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