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ZooDi® +GRANiT Degu House

ZooDi® +GRANiT Degu House
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ZooDi® +GRANiT Degu House

  • durable Rodistax® slide-in connection system
  • made from firm beech and birch woods
  • two doors of 10 x 10 cm (ca. 4 x 4 in)
  • various arrangements possible and expansions available
  • granite roof to aid nail care
  • measurements: 33 x 33 x 17 cm (ca. 13 x 13 x 7 in)
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Wooden degu house with granite roof and Rodistax® connections

This spacious house for pet degus offers its inhabitants plenty of room to snuggle together. Its two doors also permit them to easily sidestep their friends if they happen to have a disagreement.

Thanks to the square shape and the slide-in Rodistax® connections, the side panels can be swapped around so the house can also be turned into a supersized tunnel for your pets.

The handy granite roof offers itself as a lookout post or a cool resting place on a warm day. Moreover, its slightly rough surface will gently wear down your pets’ nails as they move over it so you will have to trim them less often. You can also use the flat roof as a clean surface to provide fresh vegetable treats and easily remove any leftovers. And if ever you need to check on the nest inside the house, you can do so with little disturbance to the inmates, as you can lift up one side of the roof while leaving the other on to so your degus will still feel sheltered.

Another one of the ZooDi® +GRANiT Degu House’s strong points are its hygienic qualities:
- Side panels made from breathable birch wood have additional ventilation slits to prevent waterlogging.
- Rodistax® slide-in connections are easy to take apart, so you can simply disassemble the house for easy cleaning. There are no hard to reach corners that have to remain forever dirty.
- The roof is dishwasher safe and can also withstand a prolonged soak in hot soapy water, keeping this generally much frequented spot hygienic.

Your pets’ SAFETY is important to us:
- No nails, screws staples or glues are needed or used. Any materials we use are completely rodent safe, you can be sure that your pets will not ingest any poisonous materials when gnawing this house.
- The bonding agents used in Rodistax® birch plywood are completely safe to ingest, the beech wood parts are made from untreated solid wood.
- Both types of wood used are resin-free.
- Any cutting edges are sanded down and splinter-free.
- All Rodistax® roofs are removable so that you can intervene in case of emergencies.

Measurements and details

Base measurements: ca. 33 x 33 cm (ca. 13 x 13 in)
Height: ca. 17 cm (ca. 7 in) high
Entrance: ca. 10 cm (ca. 4 in)
Materials: beech wood, birch wood, granite

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Rodipet® recommends this product for

all medium size rodents, e. g. degus, rats and many others

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