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ZooDi® Mezzanine & Hideout +KORK

ZooDi® Mezzanine & Hideout +KORK
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ZooDi® Mezzanine & Hideout +KORK

  • durable Rodistax® slide-in connection system
  • made from firm birch and beech woods
  • various arrangements possible and expansions available
  • generously sized ramp with non-slip cork surface
  • variable height
  • measurements: 68 x 38 x 25 cm (ca. 27 x 15 x 10 in)
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Wooden dwarf rabbit and guinea pig hideout with ramp

ZooDi® Mezzanine & Hideout +KORK is a versatile hideaway for guinea pigs and dwarf rabbits. As the main room has three large openings and additional shelter can be found under the extra wide ramp, this large hidey house is perfectly suited for use in a group of male guinea pigs. From inside, the piggies can keep an eye on their surroundings while feeling sheltered under the roof, and it is easy to make room for higher ranking pigs if required. It is also an ideal hideout for rabbits with foot deformities, who would have trouble getting through “normally sized” doors.

The cork surface of the ramp is naturally non-slip, which means that even some of those guinea pigs who normally avoid using ramps have no trouble using this one. For this reason, the large roof of the hidey house doubles up as a mezzanine, lookout post or spring board to reach a higher level of the habitat.

Thanks to the Rodistax® slide-in connection system, the ornamental balustrade around the mezzanine can alternatively be fitted under the roof for even better air circulation, or even right at the bottom, where it may be used to help keep a nest of hay or straw bedding in place. It also makes it easy to change the main room’s height from guinea pig to dwarf rabbit and vice versa: While bunnies want to be able to sit up straight without hitting their heads against the ceiling, piggies often feel safer with a lower ceiling.

Another advantage of the Rodistax® slide-in connection system are its hygienic qualities: it only takes a few moments to take apart the entire hideout, so there are no hard-to-reach corners that simply cannot be cleaned.

Measurements and details

Base measurements: : ca. 68 x 38 cm (ca. 27 x 15 in)
Height: ca. 25 cm (ca. 10 in)
Materials: beech wood, birch wood, cork

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Rodipet® recommends this product for

Guinea pigs, dwarf rabbits, degus, fancy rats and many others.

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