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Rodipet® Feeding Tweezers

Rodipet® Feeding Tweezers
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Rodipet® Feeding Tweezers

  • Ideal for feeding live food
  • Perfect for feeding shy pets
  • Hygienic feeding
  • Sturdy construction
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Handy tool for feeding dried insects or live food

Using feeding tweezers you can easily and hygienically feed your omnivorous pet rodents live insects such as house crickets, field crickets or mealworms.

Handy tweezers

It is advisable to hand over any live food straight to your pet using tweezers (or your fingers) to avoid those insects or larvae escaping and making a home in your pet’s cage or elsewhere in your home.

But even with our freeze dried mealworms, crickets and grasshoppers you may want to use tweezers to feed them to your pet – especially African dormice and certain Campbell’s dwarf hamsters can get somewhat over-eager when they anticipate a yummy insect snack.

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