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Rodipet® Hybrid Hamster Food “JUNIOR” - 500g

Rodipet® Hybrid Hamster Food “JUNIOR” - 500g
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Rodipet® Hybrid Hamster Food “JUNIOR” - 500g

  • developed with veterinarians
  • suitable for all dwarf hamsters
  • contains Jerusalem artichoke, which is rich in inulin
  • low in carbohydrates
  • rich in fibres
8,95 EUR
content: 500g (kg = 17,90 EUR)

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EAN 4260452720888
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Compound feed for diabetes-prone dwarf hamsters and their hybrids

Food mix for dwarf hamsters at risk of developing diabetes

The hybrid muesli mix has been tailored to the needs of dwarf hamsters who suffer a heightened risk of developing diabetes.

Our unique Rodipet® Hybrid Hamster Food is the result of our successful Rodenti® Expeditions to the countries of the dwarf hamsters and in-depth exchanges with veterinarians who specialise in diabetes research. These joint efforts make Rodipet® Hybrid Hamster Food truly special. It is suited for healthy dwarf hamsters but also for those who are prone to developing or are already suffering with diabetes.

This food is designed to prevent insulin spikes and thus to prevent dwarf hamsters from developing diabetes. Changing the recipe to also take into account the usual needs of animals of different age brackets would have been counterproductive in reaching this aim. However, many of our customers are used to looking for foods suited to their pet’s ages, wherefore we sell our single Hybrid Hamster Food packaged in both “Junior” and “Senior” tubs – if either of the varieties ever happens to be sold out, you can still order the other variety as the contents are, in this single instance, identical.

42 prime ingredients, partly from organic certified sources

Each of the 42 components included in our Hybrid Hamster Food recipe has been chosen based on what would be available to wild dwarf hamsters living in various location in the steppes; and the quantities are carefully balanced to keep blood sugar spikes as low as possible while still providing your pet with all the nutrients he or she needs. All ingredients are carefully checked and only make it into our food mixes if they meet our strict quality requirements – thus, each and every bite your little gourmet takes is a feast for his senses.

And to make sure that no trace of fertilizer or, even worse, pesticide residue ruins your pet’s enjoyment we have been using organic ingredients whenever possible since establishing our company in 2003.

By the way: vitamins and micronutrients are gradually degraded during storage, especially when in contact with oxygen. For this reason, we keep our stores low, mix fresh foods every day and package them in airtight containers. Thus, your pet gets all of nature’s great wealth of nutrients.

Mix & match insects

A proverb says “tastes vary”. This is true not only for humans, but also for our pets. For this reason, we do not add “standard” insects as sources of protein. Instead, we ask you to choose your pet’s favourite insects separately and feed them either as treats (this is very effective when taming a new pet!) or add them to this compound feed. And if you occasionally want to feed your pet a little piece of a hardboiled egg or a little cottage cheese, you can simply leave out the insects that day to avoid feeding too much protein.

Foraging adventure

Wild dwarf hamsters live in steppes and desert areas, where they find a varied diet that changes with the seasons. On their exciting late evening rambles through nature, hamsters use their sensitive noses to find all the best bits of food, which they either carry home in their pouches or eat then and there.

If you like, you can also entertain your pet with a foraging adventure: Instead of providing all the food in a feeding bowl, you can scatter the compound food around your hamster’s enclosure or bury it under a thin layer of substrate in the digging box. You can then watch your pet act out his natural behaviour, digging up even the smallest seed or grain.

Feeding recommendation

Feed 1 heaped measuring spoon (this equals 1 heaped tablespoon) and one insect of your choice per day. Please check weekly how much food your pet has stashed away in his larder: if the stores are, figuratively, overflowing, please reduce the amount of food slightly; if there is hardly anything stored your pet probably needs a little more food. If you are caring for a pregnant or lactating female, please let her have half a measuring spoon of this hamster mix and one insect extra per day.

This tub contains approximately 90 measuring spoons worth of food, which lasts on average 2-3 months, depending on the animal.


buckwheat*, hog millet, canary seed, foxtail millet, Japanese millet, yellow millet*, barley*, hempseed*, toasted soybeans*, aniseed*, safflower seeds, camelina seeds*, poppy seeds*, strawberry seeds, alfalfa seeds*, milk thistle seeds*, brown linseed*, lettuce seeds, golden linseed*, rapeseed, white perilla, fennel seeds*, pumpkin seeds*, brown perilla, sage leaves*, Jerusalem artichoke tuber*, pine kernels*, lady’s mantle*, dandelion roots*, parsley root*, common marigold flowers*, sunflower leaves, parsnip*, elfworth root, evening primrose seeds*, nettle leaves*, heather flowers*, walnuts*, camomile flowers*, tulsi*, celery leaves*, celery root* (*organically sourced ingredient) DE-021 Eco-Monitoring Unit, total organic ingredients: 59%

Analytical constituents:

crude fibre: 8.5 %
crude protein: 17.5 %
crude oils and fats: 12.3 %
crude ash: 3.6 %

Naturally contained minerals per 100 g:
calcium: 190 mg, phosphorus: 460 mg, magnesium: 220 mg, potassium: 560 mg, sodium: 22 mg

Naturally contained trace elements:
iron: 10.16 mg, manganese: 3.13 mg, zinc: 4.69 mg, copper: 1.12 mg

Rodipet® recommends this product for

Dwarf hamsters of the genera Phodopus and Cricetulus

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