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Rodipet® Natural Chew Block with Marigold

Rodipet® Natural Chew Block with Marigold
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Rodipet® Natural Chew Block with Marigold

  • Contains natural clay
  • Free from colourings
  • Enjoyable gnawing experience
  • Aids natural teeth wearing
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Chew block made from clay and wheat to aid teeth wearing

Hier kann Ihr Liebling Zähne und Krallen wetzen und sich am Geruch und Geschmack einer Ringelblume erfreuen.

Your pet can wear down his teeth and nails on this chew block and enjoy the scent and taste of a marigold flower at the same time.

Purely natural: as with all Rodipet® products, we use neither sugar nor artificial colourings or flavourings in the natural chew block. Moreover, to prevent a harmful oversupply we add neither vitamins nor minerals to our products – the required amounts of those vary by species and breed of animal and are found in adequate quantities in high quality, species-appropriate pet foods. For this reason, you can offer your pet our Rodipet® chew blocks without having to worry about his or her health.

By the way: While the wearing down of a rodent’s teeth is not significantly influenced by the hardness of chewing materials offered, prolonged periods of chewing do wear down rodent teeth. Moreover, the clay used in our chew blocks contains naturally occurring silicic acid which can also help prevent overgrown teeth.

Please note that the chew block has no cage bar attachment – you will need to place it on a dry and clean(ish) surface in your pet’s habitat.

Ingredients and measurements:

Ingredients: Clay, shredded wheat, common marigold

Measurements (approximately): 7 x 4.5 x 2.5 cm (ca. 2.8 x 1.8 x 1 in)

Rodipet® recommends this product for:

Any pet rodents who love chewing, e. g. gerbils, dwarf hamsters, Syrian hamsters, fancy mice and many others

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