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Rodipet® Nature’s Treasures Hazel Leaves 80g

Rodipet® Nature’s Treasures Hazel Leaves 80g
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Rodipet® Nature’s Treasures Hazel Leaves 80g

  • All-natural product
  • Pleasant, aromatic scent
  • High in fibre
  • Unique taste experience
2,95 EUR
content: 80g (100g = 3,69 EUR)

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Valuable dried herbs for all bunny rabbits and pet rodents

Rodipet® hazel leaves provide a very special sensual experience for your pet: there’s a crunchy bite to them and they have a nice, fresh flavour. The softly fragrant leaves are very popular with many rabbits and guinea pigs, and many other rodents also appreciate them.

For a long time, herbalists have known hazel leaves to contain essential oils as well as sitosterol. The latter is a type of phytosterol which is used by naturopaths to lower cholesterol and to treat intestinal problems.

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Hazel leaves

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Rodipet® recommends this product for

All rabbits and pet rodents, e. g. Syrian hamsters, dwarf hamsters, rats, steppe lemmings, chinchillas and many others

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