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Rodipet® Rodent Drops Carrots and Herbs 80 g

Rodipet® Rodent Drops Carrots and Herbs 80 g
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Rodipet® Rodent Drops Carrots and Herbs 80 g

  • Handy and portion sized
  • All natural ingredients without additives
  • Aromatic scent experience
  • Crunchy feed supplement
2,95 EUR
content: 80g (100g = 3,69 EUR)

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Treats with carrots and herbs for all pet rodents and rabbits

Your little gourmet will love to chomp into this crunchy treat which smells as lovely of carrots and alfalfa as it tastes. Your pet will hardly be able to resist taking this lovely snack from your hand, and even if he is shy to begin with, he will soon warm up to you and become tame.

In your pet’s interest all Rodipet® foods are made without sugar, flavourings or artificial colourings. To avoid spoiling your pet’s appetite for his or her main meals we still recommend you stick with one “drops” as a portion size – larger pets like rabbits or guinea pigs may like to have two or three on occasion.


Ingredients: Carrots, alfalfa, nettle, peppermint, dandelion, plant-based thickening agent

Rodipet® recommends this product for:

All rabbits and pet rodents, e. g., guinea pigs, steppe lemmings, chinchillas, Syrian hamsters, dwarf hamsters, degus and many others

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