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Rodipet® Treats 70g

Rodipet® Treats 70g
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Rodipet® Treats 70g

  • freeze-dried natural treasures
  • zero additives
  • fun treat with a difference
  • rich in nutrients
  • rich in protein
3,95 EUR
Content: 70g (100g = 5,64 EUR)

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Freeze-dried peas and sweetcorn kernels

Dried peas contain around 20 per cent protein. This high percentage of plant-based protein makes peas the leader among pulses and generally an ideal source of source of protein.

What's so special about theses treats then?

Peas contain the essential amino acid lysine, which is an important nutrient even though only small amounts of it are required. In contrast to fresh peas, these freeze dried ones make perfect for treats: By freezing, the starch within the peas and corn kernels is macerated, making it easily digestible. This makes Rodipet® peas & sweetcorn kernels a good addition to your pets diet.

Its distinct combination of amino acids means protein from peas is invaluable for muscles and also helps to keep skin, hair and connective tissue strong and healthy.

Taming advice

These Rodipet® treats have an irresistible flavour that will convince your pet to literally eat them out of your hands. This helps to overcome initial shyness, so don't put treats into the cage but hold one lightly and let your little friend get it straight from your hand. Allow your pet to take it as a reward for coming to your hand. This builds trust and your pet will become tame in time.

Feeding recommendation:

This delicious snack is high in energy and should therefore be fed very sparingly: 1-3 peas or corn kernels are plenty, and particularly overweight animals should not have any.

Turning food into an adventure:

Scatter a few treats inside your pet’s enclosure – searching for their food is far more exciting for your pet than having everything served in one spot.

If you watch as your pet searches for food, you will see the joy and excitement each find causes.


Peas (freeze-dried), sweetcorn kernels (freeze-dried)

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Rodipet® recommends this product for

all pets that enjoy a little snack, e. g. degus, Syrian hamsters, dwarf hamsters, fancy mice, steppe lemmings, gerbils, guinea pigs, dwarf rabbits and many others.

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