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ZooDi® Organic Degu Food “young & active“ - 1400g

ZooDi® Organic Degu Food “young & active“ - 1400g
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ZooDi® Organic Degu Food “young & active“ - 1400g

  • caters to the urge to chew
  • high in fibre
  • contains tasty herbs
  • contains delicious flowers
  • high quality natural ingredients
  • contains whole dandelion roots
  • organically sourced ingredients
  • organic certified by Eco-Monitoring Unit DE-021
19,95 EUR
content: 1400g (kg = 14,25 EUR)

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Organic compound feed for degus (Octodon degus)

(DE-021 organic control)

Healthy nutrition is essential to allow degus to have long and healthy lives, for these small South American rodents are prone to developing diabetes. To prevent this illness and its consequences, we have very carefully selected the components of our ZooDi® degu foods. To supply your growing or particularly active degus with all the energy they need, ZooDi® Organic Degu Food “young & active" contains 5 % naked oats as well as 4.5 % pumpkin seeds. It is, of course, also rich in tasty herbs and delicious flowers. Thus, this compound food is great for catering to the high energy needs of growing degu pups, pregnant or lactating females and otherwise particularly active degus, without neglecting to provide essential roughage, vitamins and minerals. Please be aware that growing pups and pregnant or lactating females may need even more energy – if you find that your pets are always done eating the seeds first and yet don’t gain or even lose weight, we recommend you offer them a mix of small seeds to supply their higher demands.

Catering to the urge to chew

Degus need more than just their food to wear down their constantly growing teeth, wherefore they have a strong urge to chew. ZooDi® Degu Food contains whole dandelion roots and crunchy Wiesencobs. Both of those are very popular and provide any degu with a pleasant and useful occupation.

Quality Ingredients

Our ZooDi® degu food recipes are based on what would be available in our degus' natural habitats in South America. They all consist of a number of tasty unprocessed ingredients which would also be available to our pets' wild cousins - only we parboil the peas to make them more easily digestible and press some of the herbs into Wiesencobs to give your degus a little more chewing material.

Each and every component is carefully checked by our quality control team and only makes it into our pet foods if it meets all our strict quality standards. All ingredients are organically sourced natural products without additives and are generally unprocessed. This makes our pet foods truly special, and a degu's sensitive nose and tastebuds can really tell the difference and let your pet enjoy this food as a feast for all senses.

Raw fibre for proper digestion

Wild degus eat mainly grasses and herbs, and not without reason: The raw fibres and roughage contained in these foods keep a degu's digestive system in perfect working order and make sure that nutrients can be fully absorbed into the body. Our ZooDi® Organic Degu Food “young & active" caters for these adaptations of our furry friends by containing mainly grasses, herbs and flowers and only a comparatively small quantity of roots, cereals and seeds.

Our Rodenti® Recipes:

Our pets' dietary needs vary depending on their species, ages and sexes. They need different amounts of macronutrients like proteins and fats in their foods. When creating our foods, we take into account the guidelines given out by the Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover (being the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover) to make sure your pets get the appropriate amounts of nutrients. Of course, we also make sure that appropriate quantities of all the necessary micronutrients like vitamines, minerals and secondary phytochemicals are contained in our compound feeds. And since these degrade over time, we blend a new batch of our sophisticated foods every day and keep our warehouse stocks low. Thus, you can be sure to get the freshest food possible with every order, and the fresher the food the richer it is in nutrients.

Feasting in proper degu style

Lots of well-balanced herbs as well as yummy vegetables and tasty flowers in this ZooDi® Degu Food make it a delightful feast for any degu. The different components have their individual scents and unique flavours. Moreover, they rustle and crunch rather delightfully, making every meal a sensual experience. Please keep in mind, however, that your cute degus can’t live on this high quality food alone – they also need hay and fresh vegetables.

Why organic?

See for yourself how your pets will love the significantly more intense flavours – and the food is also richer in vitamins and minerals than non-organic alternatives. Your pet rodents will enjoy the difference with all their senses. As an organic certified business, we are bound by the EU organic regulations. Our methods are in accordance with organic production guidelines and we make sure that your pets’ food is free from genetically modified ingredients, chemical herbicides and pesticides. Our adhesion to these standards is annually checked and verified by an independent eco-inspection body (DE-ÖKO-021 eco inspection authority).


Meadow grasses and –herbs, dill stems, Echinacea purpurea, naked oats (5%), pumpkin seeds (4.5 %), whole dandelion roots, birch leaves, milk thistle seeds, camomile flowers, sage leaves, common marigold petals, rose petals (all ingredients are organically sourced)

Rodipet® recommends this product for

degus (Octodon degus) and other small rodents whose natural diet contains grasses, herbs, roots, vegetables and up to 5 % seeds

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