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ZooDi® Strengthening Mash – Skin & Coat

ZooDi® Strengthening Mash – Skin & Coat
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ZooDi® Strengthening Mash – Skin & Coat

  • Pure natural components
  • No added sugars
  • Easy dosage for freshly prepared individual meals
  • Widely liked
7,95 EUR
content: 75ml (100ml = 10,60 EUR)

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Nourishing pap for small rodents with coat or skin issues

If your little friend has coat or skin issues due to a parasite infection or any other illness, the power of plants can support treatment by a vet and aid your pet’s recovery.

For those pets who refuse to eat fresh or dried herbs, we have created ZooDi® strengthening mashes: carefully selected herbs are mixed with high-energy oats and bananas that help prevent diarrhoea. This mash is then dried and turned into a fine powder which can be turned back into pap as and when needed. Even pets who are not keen on herbs often like this mash.

Please note that force-feeding pet rodents and rabbits is rarely expedient – but you can help them eat if they want to eat but are unable to do so by themselves. Also, especially with tooth problems it can be very helpful not only to feed mash but also to offer your pet grated or finely sliced vegetables and chopped up herbs. These can help to get the sick pet back into eating by themselves, which is essential for wearing their teeth down.


Birch leaves, Echinacea purpurea leaves, oats, green oats, banana, nettle

Analytical constituents:

Crude protein: 9,6 %
Crude oils and fats: 1.9 %
Crude fibre: 15.9 %
Crude ash: 6.1 %

Rodipet® recommends this product for

All rodents and rabbits that suffer with skin or coat issues. If the cause of your pet’s skin or coat issues is unclear, please see a vet.

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